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How To Make The Most Of Your Time At The Gas Trading Forum

For 2017 we have launched new interactive formats to get you thinking, debating and to ensure you have fresh perspectives to take back to the office with you. This is your event-these sessions help you get the most out of it!

Contribute To The Discussions In The CorridoRoom…

Presentations are very useful but sometimes you need to actually be involved in a discussion to see the way forward. Would you like to sit with 20 industry experts and discuss with them the area of the natural gas industry most of interest to you? This is what the ‘In The CorridoRoom’ sessions offer! Half an hour, boardroom format and Chatham House Rules so you can speak freely and share ideas with the group.

Ensure You Have Take Home From The Conference Sessions…

Discussions on the conference stage are fascinating but what will the discussions actually mean for future of the industry? What’s the outcome and impact? These daily "Making Sense Of The Morning" special sections are focussed on making the link between industry willpower and industry reality.

Get To Know Some Fresh Faces..

Want to meet someone new but not sure how? Sign up to meet 10 new people within the industry in just 20 minutes. You can exchange business cards, have a quick chat and then decide whether you’d like to follow up. A great way to expand your network!

Reserve A Meeting Table…

New for 2017! This year, you can book a private meeting table in a quiet area to host meetings. This table will be yours for the full three days and offer wifi and access to power.

Join Our Engaged Conversations…

Monday afternoon will bring together innovative thinkers to discuss the key opportunities for natural gas in Europe and explore how, why, when and what we can do to make these opportunities a reality and secure the future place for gas in the energy mix. Industry innovators will set the scene, then the audience will group together in ocussed roundtables to debate the key issues and finally the findings of each roundtable will be presented to the group.

Challenge The Status Quo…

Do you think we could improve the industry? Join fellow innovators for frank small group discussions on how we can rethink the gas industry for the better. Topics for discussion will include: How can we sell gas going forward, can gas really work with renewables, what does the public really think of gas & what can we do about it?are ideas with the group.

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