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Some of the issues which will be solved during the Gas Trading Forum:

Teodor Shtilkind

Adviser to the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation

On United Dispatch Service for Integrated Gas Transportation Systems

The concept of creation of the United Dispatch Service (DS) for integrated gas transportation systems is proposed. The concept is of universal nature that allows using it for forming the control systems of complex infrastructure networks up to “Common gas space from Lisbon till Vladivostok”. At the same time, primarily it may be demanded by the gas markets which are being expanding or reforming, including the EU internal energy market.

The DS is capable to improve essentially the quality of gas market management, ensuring, inter alia: transparency, enhancement of the system reliability, robustness to emergencies, cost optimization of gas transportation and infrastructure development.

Laying on the DS additional functions to organize the functioning of the gas market would enable to fully coordinate the processes of gas trade and transportation, and radically simplify the corresponding procedures for all market players.

Bjorn Brochmann

CEO Brochmann Energy

Will LNG or Russian gas be the marginal external natural gas supply source to Europe and how will it determine gas prices at the trading hubs?

European gas balance over last 10 years What has been the marginal external gas supply?
How has the marginal supply apparently impacted price? What will be marginal external supply source to Europe over the next years?
How will these sources impact wholesale gas prices? What determines hub gas prices?
-Is marginal import cost a price setter?
-Storage as price determinant in a market with strong seasonal swings
-Delinking of supply cost and wholesale prices through storage
-The role of Russian oil indexed contracts and spot LNG on European hub prices

Gottfried Steiner

CEO Central Europan Gas Hub

Gas Pricing, Formation and Discovery Role of Gas Hubs and exchanges

- Austria and Czech Republic
• Price benchmarks for the CEE region
• Hubs and Exchanges in the CEE region - an overview
• Further developments in the region

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